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Generalists, Brush Up Your Resumes



Specialists, be warned: Generalists are in demand this year!

Last year, companies identified cost-cutting and regulatory-compliance expertise as a top priority, according to IT work-force consulting firm Foote Partners in New Canaan, Conn. This year, compliance knowledge has moved down a few notches on the requirement scale and has been replaced by other skills, most importantly upgrading project management disciplines and work-force productivity.

This is good news for those who have been studying and practicing Agile Project Management, a discipline that equips practitioners in numerous high-demand skillsets, including "launching new products" and "increasing productivity".
Here are the top 10 IT skills that Foote ranks as desirable this year, from the article Out for Blood in




  1. assisting in launching new products or services;
  2. sharpening PM skills;
  3. recruiting, developing and retaining IT talent;
  4. increasing productivity;
  5. supporting revenue/growth strategies;
  6. cost-cutting;
  7. ensuring regulatory compliance;
  8. performance management;
  9. centralizing IT management; and
  10. implementing strategies for IT governance and portfolio management.

The article also contains a list of technical skills in demand: Data Management and Business Intelligence top the list.  And companies are looking for candidates with experience in vertical industries.


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