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Book Review Docker on Windows by Elton Stoneman

by Roland Meertens Follow 8 Followers on  Aug 09, 2017

Docker on Windows, written by Elton Stoneman, is a great book for Windows developers who want to learn how to effectively use Docker. It covers many aspects from Docker: images and containers, but also newer features such as multi-stage builds. The book is a perfect fit for engineers, architects, and administrators who are already building and delivering server applications running on Windows.

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ASP.NET 5 and .NET Core RC Ready for Production

by Pierre-Luc Maheu Follow 4 Followers on  Dec 02, 2015

Microsoft recently released .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 Release Candidate, supported on Windows, OS X and Linux. Microsoft states this release is ready for production and will support it. Both release candidates are considered feature complete on Windows, OS X and Linux, although minor features may still be added until the final release.


Project Helios: An ASP.NET OWIN-based Web Host Running on IIS

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Feb 19, 2014

Microsoft has released a project called Helios, a lightweight OWIN-based web host running on top of IIS.


LeanSentry Adds Alert Enhancements, Custom Response Time and Error Ignore Mechanism

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 28, 2013

LeanSentry, web based server and application monitoring tool for .NET has been updated with improved alerts in addition to an ability to set custom response time with an option to ignore any least important errors.


LeanSentry Adds Diagnosis of Realtime Website Hangs

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 04, 2013

LeanSentry recently added a feature which monitors ASP.NET/IIS applications and provides alerts as and when the site hangs along with the required remedial measures.


LeanSentry Adds Smart Alerts, Error Highlighting and Classic ASP Support

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 17, 2013

LeanSentry, formerly Sentinel has been updated with support for smart alerts, error highlighting, enhanced dashboard, classic ASP support in addition to several diagnostics features.


Servant: Web Based Management Tool for Internet Information Services

by Anand Narayanaswamy Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 25, 2013

Servant enables you to manage various settings of Internet Information Services (IIS) directly from your browser.


IIS 8 And Web Deploy 3.0 - A Closer Look

by Roopesh Shenoy Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 03, 2012

IIS 8 gets released along with Windows Server 2012. This comes with several interesting features such as NUMA-support, WebSockets, security improvements and better web deployment tools.


Web Deploy 3.0 Adds IIS8 Support

by Jenni Konrad Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 22, 2012

Microsoft recently announced the Release Candidate of Web Deploy 3.0, their tool for packaging and deploying web applications. The new version includes support for IIS8 on Windows Server 8, PowerShell cmdlets, and automated backup.


Lighter Configuration Files and Better ASP.NET Support with WCF 4.5

by Jonathan Allen Follow 655 Followers on  Feb 09, 2012

Ido Flatow has been posting a series on the upcoming changes to WCF in .NET 4.5. Most of these changes revolve around making configuration files lighter and easier to work with in both stand-alone and IIS hosted modes.


MSDeploy: Automatic Website Deployment and Sync

by Jenni Konrad Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 08, 2011

MSDeploy is a utility for migrating and synchronizing websites between servers. It can create a package to deploy web content, databases, and IIS configuration, and can also be used to keep web server farms synchronized.


Microsoft Web Farm Framework, a Tool for Automating Operations Across a Server Farm

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Sep 09, 2010

Microsoft Web Farm Framework (WFF) is a free IIS plug-in used to provision and manage systems in a web server farm, enabling the installation and configuration of software components across the farm plus support for automated deployment of ASP.NET applications.


Series On Available Authentication Mechanisms For OData Services And Clients

by Dilip Krishnan Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 24, 2010

The WCF Data Services Team have recently been doing a series on the available authentication mechanisms for client/OData service authentication.


WebMatrix: Microsoft's New Stack to Create Simple Websites

by Abel Avram Follow 12 Followers on  Jul 08, 2010

WebMatrix is a free tool from Microsoft putting together a web server, ASP.NET + Razor, SQL Server CE and an IDE for creating simple websites.


Microsoft Announces IIS Express – A New Built-In Web Server for Visual Studio

by Jon Arild Tørresdal Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 30, 2010

Scott Guthrie recently announced IIS Express, a light weight alternative to IIS and a potential replacement of Cassini (the built in web server for Visual Studio). IIS Express is intended to solve the pain points reported in Cassini and enable developers to develop using a full IIS 7.x feature-set. It’s not available for download yet, but according to Scott should be available shortly.