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Deb Colden and Tami Carter Discuss Innovation Games and Dealing with Remote Participants

Interview with Deb Colden Tami Carter on  May 08, 2013

Deb Colden and Tami Carter discuss how they got involved with Innovation Games, how and why they've used them, and how they've dealt with remote participants in their game sessions.


Paul Germeraad Discusses Using Innovation Games for R&D

Interview with Paul Germeraad on  May 01, 2013

Paul Germeraad talks with us about using Innovation Games for R&D, intellectual property, patent trolls, and the San Jose Budget Games.


Tom Grant on Changing the Rules of Work

Interview with Tom Grant on  Apr 24, 2013

Tom Grant sits down with us to discuss how games can be used to increase innovation in companies and how is helping to build momentum to expand their use.


Bringing Agility to Citizen Engagement: An Interview with Gerry Kirk

Interview with Gerry Kirk on  Apr 15, 2013

Gerry Kirk discusses bringing Agile and Innovation Games to governments and communities for social change.


Luke Hohmann Discusses the Innovation Game Summit and the Budget Games

Interview with Luke Hohmann on  Apr 05, 2013

Luke Hohmann sits down with InfoQ to discuss the Innovation Games Summit, the history of Innovation Games, and the San Jose 2013 Budget Games