Cost Justifying an Agile Migration

by Shane Hastie Follow 18 Followers on  May 05, 2009 1

Show me the money - cost justification of Agile migration is a thorny issue. Agile approaches are more successful, deliver value sooner and produce better quality products, but how do we prove it? This article discusses measurements and presents results that help to justify adopting Agile methods.


3 Pillars Of Executive Support For Agile Adoption

by Mike Bria Follow 0 Followers on  Mar 11, 2009

An executives job is not over once they've justified agile to their teams and paid for training. To make a transition successful, its required this executive provide sustained support. Esther Derby takes a moment to describe what she believes to be the 3 most important aspects of this ongoing support.


Interview: Linda Rising on "Fearless Change" Patterns

by Abel Avram Follow 7 Followers on  Aug 12, 2008

In this interview by Floyd Marinescu, co-founder of InfoQ, Linda Rising talks about the book "Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas" and offers examples of how the patterns presented in the book can ease Agile adoption.


InfoQ Book Review: Agile Adoption Patterns

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 24, 2008 2

Ryan Cooper picked up Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmap to Organizational Success by InfoQ's own Amr Elssamadisy and gives this book a positive: This book belongs on the bookshelf on anyone who is interested in helping a traditional software organization make an effective transition to a more agile way of working.


CM Crossroads on SCM for Small Teams

by Mike Bria Follow 0 Followers on  Jul 23, 2008

Agile brings to organizations, among other things, small teams coupled with constant change. Navigating this effectively requires understanding what this means to Software Configuration Management practices. The July edition of CM Journal's "cm//crossroads" is dedicated to helping people meet this challenge successfully.


Results of Agile Adoption Survey 2008

by Vikas Hazrati Follow 0 Followers on  May 22, 2008

In February 2008, Dr. Dobb's conducted a survey on Agile adoption and the success rate of Agile software development. The survey revealed some interesting results on various parameters, including: adoption, scalability, iteration length, and team location.


Interview: James Shore on “The Art of Agile Development”

by Abel Avram Follow 7 Followers on  May 19, 2008 4

In this interview taken by InfoQ's Deborah Hartmann during the Agile 2007 conference, James Shore, a prominent figure of the Agile community, talks about the book "The Art of Agile Development".


Don't Worry About Scaling Scrum

by Vikas Hazrati Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 21, 2008

Most Scrum adopters have their first doubt in terms of its scalability. Tobias Mayer suggests that before looking into quick solutions for complex problems, adopters should focus on understanding the principles of Scrum. Once the foundation is correctly laid, Scrum will take care of scaling itself.


Stories of Scrum Adoption in China

by Jacky Li Follow 0 Followers , Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Apr 18, 2008 3

This recent inquiry, by InfoQ China editor Jacky Li, looked at five very different cases of Scrum adoption in China, which got different results. He asked: Why did you use Scrum? How did you adopt it? What problems did you encounter, and why did it succeed or fail? Despite the small sample size, it's an interesting comparison, pointing out that improvement doesn't ensure success.


50 Developers Answer: What Do You Want Your CIO to Know About Agile?

by Mark Levison Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 19, 2008 3

Trying to explain the benefits of Agile Software Development to your CIO? Does your boss want some outside validation? Esther Schindler asked more than 50 developers and Agile practitioners one question: "If you could get the boss to understand one thing, just one thing, related to agile development...what would it be? Why that?".


Mythical Agile Shortcuts

by Ben Hughes Follow 0 Followers on  Jan 17, 2008 2

Going agile seems a pretty trivial task. We pair up, write unit tests, integrate regularly and support our teams with an easy to manage framework such as Scrum. In reality, however, this is not the case. All too often the benefits are not achieved and team does not function as expected. Ross Petit's recent article sheds some light on why things go wrong when the rubber hits the road.


Charming the Army: the Power of Delivery

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 31, 2007

Here is a story about Agile's use in a governmental organisation: at the 2006 APLN Leadership Summit Mark Salamango and John Cunningham looked at the problems and opportunities of introducing Agile in Army environments. True Agile practices cannot be 'commanded' or 'directed’ but frequent delivery offers Agile leaders a "soft" kind of power that is, in fact, very effective.


Panel on Agile Leadership: Stories from the Trenches

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Dec 04, 2007 2

InfoQ presents video of a panel from the APLN Leadership Summit at Agile2006, where four business leaders spoke about their experiences: Bud Phillips (Capital One Financial), Israel Ganot (BMC Software), Steven Ambrose (DTE Energy), Peter George (Cronos Inc.). Topics included top-down vs. bottom-up adoption, making the leap of faith to enterprise adoption and the value of the PMO.


InfoQ Interview: Per Kroll on EPF, an Open Source Process Initiative

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 19, 2007

The PM of the Eclipse Process Framework project explained in this presentation how IBM's Eclipse-based process tools allow teams to select the practices they want, to create a customised methodology that works for them. With a wiki and hooks to insert custom in-house documentation and practices, it provides a framework to configure the approach you want, or to grow into the approach you need.


Jean Tabaka's Agile Odyssey

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 18, 2007

In this amusing presentation from Agile2006, Jean Tabaka compares impediments and obstacles encountered by an Agile mentor with those detailed in Homer's classic. In this 73 minutes presentation, discover who plays which classical roles in Agile adoption: Cyclops, the Sirens, Poseidon, Circe, Cicones, the Lotus-Eaters, and even the good-and-faithful dog Argus.

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