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Agile Teams, from Good to Great

Posted by  on  Nov 22, 2012 1

David Bulkin introduces various agile practices to beginners interspersed with advice for advance practitioners.

Agile Planning

Posted by  on  Jun 20, 2012

Amir Barylko introduces Agile principles, techniques, and practices that are meant to smooth the path to successful projects.

Understanding the Magic of Lean Product Development

Posted by  on  Jan 27, 2012

Don Reinertsen examines lean methods including queue management, batch size reduction, WIP constraints, cadence, and the governing economic tradeoffs.

Your Mileage May Vary

Posted by  on  Jul 29, 2010

Experiences and lessons learned facing DevOps problems in the IT trenches (even if they weren’t calling it DevOps!). The good, the bad, the surprises, and ideas for the future.

Agile in the Waterfall Enterprise by Michele Sliger

Posted by  on  Jun 19, 2008 8

In large organizations, it’s simply not practical to just "flip a switch" and have your IT department start doing agile all at once.

Leading the Agile Way: Duty. Honor. Delivery.

Posted by  on  Dec 31, 2007

In this video Mark Salamango and John Cunningham looked at their experiences of introducing Agile in the Army, and how frequent delivery offers Agile leaders a kind of "soft" but very effective power.

Homer's Odyssey or My Life as an Agile Consultant

Posted by  on  Sep 17, 2007

Agile2006 Jean Tabaka likened Agile implementation hurdles to those detailed in Homer's classic. Find out who's who: Cyclops, the Sirens, Poseidon, Circe, Cicones, the Lotus-Eaters, Argus...

Reflecting Forward – A Guided Agile Transition

Posted by  on  Aug 28, 2007 3

Reflections on a Fortune 500 company's transition from RUP to Agile, to achieve faster time to market. At Agile2006 Hussman & Stenstad discussed keeping change respectful and shared lessons learned.

Scrum Boosts Effectiveness at the BBC

Posted by  on  Dec 20, 2006

In 2002, BBC's New Media division decided to use Scrum to manage the change and uncertainty inherent in their emerging business domain. Three years later - Andrew Scotland tells us it was worthwhile.

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