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  • PostgreSQL 14 Breaks the .NET and Java Drivers for PostgreSQL

    In some circumstances, the new syntax in PostgreSQL 14 will break its official .NET and Java database driver, specifically, when using to create a SQL function using BEGIN ATOMIC ... END. If you are not modifying your database schema via Npgsql or PgJDBC, there’s no need to worry.

  • AceQL Releases Open-Source JDBC-over-HTTP Driver

    AceQL has released a JDBC driver that operates over HTTP. The core of the project is open-source and an enterprise version is also available.

  • Plumbr Adds Slow Query Detection

    JVM monitoring vendor Plumbr has added slow query detection to its flagship product. With this addition, Plumbr now detects four types of problems: Memory Leaks, Garbage Collection Inefficiencies, Locked Threads and Expensive JDBC Operations.

  • Phoenix: Running SQL Queries on Apache HBase [Updated] has open sourced Phoenix, a Java layer enabling developers to run SQL queries on Apache HBase. Update: An interview on Phoenix with James Taylor, Lead Developer at, has been appended.

  • JRuby on Google App Engine Roundup: DataMapper Adapter for DataStore, Reggae

    While JRuby on Rails doesn't have ActiveRecord, DataMapper, an ORM often used with Merb, has gained a new adapter for Google App Engine's DataStore. Also: work on Reggae, automatic tooling for deploying Rack apps on GAE is under way.

  • New Open Source project provides Object Oriented data access

    Kasper Sørensen has created a new open source project at called MetaModel. The project is a common domain model, query engine, and optimizer for different types of datastores, such as relational databases and flat files. MetaModel is a Java library that provides a fluent, object-oriented interface for SQL compliant queries.

  • Interview: Charles Nutter discusses JRuby

    JRuby project lead Charles Nutter discusses how he got involved with JRuby, Sun's involvement with JRuby, how JRuby fits into enterprise-level web applications, the possibility of a friendly fork of the OpenJDK source code, reasons for switching to JRuby, the future of JRuby, Spring and JRuby, and the Ruby community as a whole.

  • JLINQ: Runtime JDBC Generator for Eclipse

    Azadeh Ahadian of IBM has published an article introducing JLINQ on IBM's developerWorks site. Despite the name, JLINQ does not have much in common with Microsoft's LINQ, rather it is an Eclipse plugin providing integration with a database and runtime DAO code generation. The plugin is part of IBM's Developer Workbench that is coming with Viper, the next release of DB2.

  • H2 1.0 Database by Hypersonic Creator is Out

    HSQLDB creator Thomas Mueller has released 1.0 final of H2, his pure Java database successor to HSQLDB. H2's focus is to be best database for the lower end (low number of concurrent connections, embedded usage). InfoQ spoke to H2 creator Thomas Mueller to find out more.

  • Debates flare on the right level of abstraction over ORM and JDBC

    A heated debate started a few weeks ago initiated by members of the Hibernate team, arguing that using an abstraction framework on top of an ORM is a bad idea, citing Spring's HibernateTemplate as a specific example. Along the theme of levels of abstraction, Brian McCalister also surveyed various convenience frameworks over JDBC.

  • Easier Database Development with JDBC 4.0

    Java 6.0 will include a number of Java Database Connectivity enhancements collectively known as JDBC 4.0. One of the main goals of JDBC 4.0 was to try and reduce the amount of boilerplate JDBC code a developer had to write.

  • H2 Database by Hypersonic Creator Nearing 1.0

    HSQLDB creator Thomas Mueller recently released the v0.9 of H2, his pure Java database successor to HSQLDB. H2 benchmarks significantly faster than HSQLDB, supports JDBC and ODBC, supports XA, can be clustered for HA and supports encryption.

  • JRuby on Rails Unveiled at JavaOne

    The latest version of JRuby will be presented to JavaOne attendees this week. Included in the demonstrations is a working Rails application and an ActiveRecord adapter backed by JDBC.