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All Written Lean Practices Are Wrong by Kiro Harada Posted on Feb 13, 2015 Kiro Harada attempts to clear up some misconceptions on several Lean practices: Value Stream and Flow, Visualization, Pull-System, 5 Times Whys, Kanban, Kaizen.

Kaizen: The Key to Continuous Improvement by Luca Mezzalira Posted on Dec 26, 2014 Luca Mezzalira introduces several Kaizen techniques for work and spare time.

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Kanban and Scrum - Making the Most of Both Scrum and Kanban are two flavours of Agile software development. So how do they relate to each other? Part I illustrates the similarities and differences between Kanban and Scrum, comparing for understanding, not for judgement.Part II is a case study illustrating how a Scrum-based development organization implemented Kanban in their operations and support teams.
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