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  • Kotlin 1.5 Gets Support for Java 15 Features and a New JVM Compiler

    Kotlin 1.5 introduces support for the latest Java features, including record classes, sealed interfaces, and inline classes. Additionally, it brings a number of improvements to the standard library and a new JVM IR compiler.

  • Grain: Your WebAssembly-First Programming Language - WebAssembly Summit 2021

    Oscar Spencer recently presented Grain, a new strongly-typed, high-level language that compiles to WebAssembly. Grain includes functional programming features (e.g., type inference, pattern matching, closures) while allowing mutable variables. Grain also has a standard library with composite data structures (Option, Stack, Result) and system calls (e.g., I/O, process handling).

  • JHipster Releases Micronaut Blueprint 1.0.0

    Object Computing, Inc. has announced the release of JHipster Micronaut Blueprint 1.0, a collaboration of Object Computing, Micronaut Foundation and JHipster, to build a Micronaut option for JHipster server-side applications. This new framework generates monolith- or microservices-based applications with key features and integrations to facilitate quicker deployments to production.

  • Google Cloud Supports PHP on Cloud Functions

    Google Cloud recently announced the public preview of PHP on Cloud Functions. The Functions Framework for PHP supports HTTP functions, to respond to HTTP events, and CloudEvent functions to process events sourced from external and internal Google Cloud services like Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Firestore.

  • Java News Roundup - Week of April 26th, 2021

    This week's Java news roundup features news from OpenJDK, point releases for Hibernate, Micronaut, Quarkus and Payara Platform, a status update on JCenter, ManageCat joining the Adoptium Working Group and Payara having been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2021 in the category of international trade.

  • Compilation Meets Documentation

    A new Java proposal offers a way to enhance API documentation through compilable source snippets.

  • Swift 5.4 Brings Support for Multiple Variadic Arguments, Result Builders, and More

    Recently released Swift 5.4 brings support for multiple variadic parameters, extends implicit member syntax, adds support for local functions overloading, and more. Additionally, it improves runtime performance and binary size.

  • Prisma ORM Tool Suite Is Ready For Production

    Nikolas Burk, developer relations at Prisma — the database ORM — recently announced that all Prisma tools (Prisma Client, Prisma Studio, Prisma Migrate) are ready for production usage. Prisma Migrate graduated from preview this year and is now generally available.

  • Content-Aware Image Resizing in Go and JavaScript

    Oleksii Trekhleb, software engineer at Uber, recently explored the use of dynamic programming to speed up a CPU-intensive content-aware image resizing algorithm. Developers may use content-aware resizing to fit images into a variety of enclosing contexts (e.g., screen form factors, responsive layout container) while preserving the image’s key features.

  • Java News Roundup - Week of April 19th, 2021

    This week's Java news roundup features news from OpenJDK promoting JEP 412 to Candidate status, Object Computing introducing JHipster Micronaut Blueprint 1.0, point releases for GraalVM and Spring Cloud Horton, a new alpha release for Quarkus 2.0, and a call for papers for both EclipseCon and ApacheCon that are currently open.

  • .NET News Roundup - Week of April 19th, 2021

    This past week was marked by the announcement of Visual Studio 2022, the first 64-bit version of the popular .NET IDE. InfoQ examined this and a number of smaller stories in the .NET ecosystem from the week of April 19th, 2021.

  • Microsoft Announces 64-Bit Visual Studio 2022

    Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming Visual 2022 will finally be 64-bit. VS2022 will have full support for the upcoming .NET 6, C++20, ASP.NET Blazor, and .NET MAUI. The first preview release of VS2022 is scheduled for third quarter 2021.

  • OSGi Working Group Settles into New Home at Eclipse Foundation

    After shipping the OSGi Core Release 8 in December, the OSGi Working Group (WG) is now incubating at the Eclipse Foundation. The OSGi WG (previously named “OSGi Alliance”) announced the move to Eclipse last October. It has already ratified the charter, created two committees and two working groups, and migrated its code repositories.

  • JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1

    JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 featuring support for Java 16, a new preview feature that instantly renders HTML changes, and support for WSL 2. is supported and it’s possible to run applications on Docker, WSL 2, or via SSH. Various other improvements include support for Docker, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Git and others.

  • Sentry Migrates Its Frontend to Typescript - Lessons Learned

    Mark Story and Priscila Oliveira recently shared lessons learned when converting Sentry’s frontend codebase (one-year effort, 100,000 lines of code) to TypeScript. The pair described a gradual conversion process in which TypeScript progressively replaced JavaScript, types were continuously refined as new TypeScript language features were released, and complex types were built incrementally.


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