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Continuous Delivery at Klaverblad Insurance by Ben Linders Posted on Oct 07, 2016 Maturity Model for Continuous Performance Improvement by Savita Pahuja Posted on Oct 08, 2014 ING Netherlands' Measured Improvements on Transition to DevOps by João Miranda Posted on Jun 25, 2014
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Article: SOA Contract Maturity Model by Abel Avram Posted on Jan 22, 2009 Presentation: Future Directions for Agile by Abel Avram Posted on Aug 23, 2008 3 Evaluating and Improving Architectural Competence - A New SEI Paper by Gavin Terrill Posted on May 07, 2008 6
Surveys from BPTrends and BEA Reflect on "The State of BPM in 2008" by Jean-Jacques Dubray Posted on Mar 07, 2008 SaaS Architecture Maturity Model by Steven Robbins Posted on Feb 25, 2008 3 Does the Agile Community Need a Maturity Model? by Amr Elssamadisy Posted on Oct 16, 2007 14
Building a Data Maturity Model for Data Governance by Mark Figley Posted on Sep 04, 2007 2 SOA in the Real World by Hartmut Wilms Posted on Jul 27, 2007 SOA Maturity Models by Stefan Tilkov Posted on Feb 22, 2007 9
Jeff Sutherland Recommends Combining Scrum with CMMI Level 5 by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Posted on Nov 15, 2006 1 Practitioners Adapt Agile to Local Constraints by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Posted on Sep 21, 2006 Has Hell Frozen Over? An Agile Maturity Model? by Scott Ambler Posted on Jun 15, 2006 1
Agile vs. Formal Methods by Scott Ambler Posted on May 18, 2006 Feature Driven Development : Still Relevant? by Deborah Hartmann Preuss Posted on May 11, 2006

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Agile by the Numbers: What People Are Really Doing in Practice by Scott Ambler Posted on Sep 10, 2009 This talk summarizes the results of 4 years of industry surveys concerning the adoption and effectiveness of agile techniques. Very often the reality is significantly different than the rhetoric presented in mailing lists, in articles, and even in books. Many myths or ideas around Agile are explored, and some are proven false and some confirmed to be true based on survey results. 2

Future Directions for Agile by David Anderson Posted on Aug 22, 2008 David Anderson talks about the history of Agile, the current status of it and his vision for the future. The role of Agile does not stand in just having a practice, but in finding ways to implement the principles contained by the Agile Manifesto. 3