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  • Microsoft Enhances Azure Learning with Learn Rooms

    Microsoft recently announced a new offering for learning Azure with Learn Rooms, a part of the Microsoft Learn community designed to allow learners to connect with other learners and technical experts with similar interests in Azure.

  • A MS Certification Based on Publishing an Application

    Microsoft has been trying to create generally accepted software development certifications for at least two decades. In an attempt to distinguish between those who actually know the material and those who are just good at memorizing study guides they’ve tried a variety of tactics. This time they are allowing programmers to submit examples of their work for credit towards a certification.

  • One Week Left to Apply for Microsoft Certified Architect Program

    The Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program has proceeded past its initial beta and is accepting additional appolicants for its final pre-launch stage, but interested applicants must apply by July 14th to be considered for this round.