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The Organisational Dynamics Review


I’ve been guiding what you might call organizational “transformations” for the last decade and although this started with agile, I soon came to believe that isolating the transformation success of a company to only the tech teams or only the PMO processes or only customer service, etc. was short-sighted. The biggest and ironically the most undervalued element needing transformation was always the leadership and culture in these changes.

This publication is to start conversations about these topics which are so essential but so hard to wrap our minds around.

So I’m recruiting a group of fellow evidence hunters to help me provide a selection of interesting articles and critiques to you, hopefully regularly over the year. The first goal is to summarise and introduce you to blogs, articles, or academic papers that make us think and the second goal is to help us to apply some critical thinking and see if we can act on these within our real workplaces.

I picked a good controversial title to kick off with, I hope you enjoy the summaries and reviews. 

If you think of topics you'd really like investigated in future issues drop me a message.

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The Organisational Dynamics Review includes summaries and thoughts provoked by these articles:

  • Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic in the HBR. A brief attention-grabbing article on the plight of modern leadership using some psychology and sociological arguments.
  • The Effect of Virtual Team Membership Change on Social Identity Development - Factors that influence the formation of remote teams. Given the explosion of remote working in the tech industry, you can see why we were attracted to this one.
  • Five Steps Towards Creating High-Performance Teams by Mark Levison, covering the huge scope of what might lead us to that unicorn high-performance team.
  • Google’s Project Oxygen and Project Aristotle - Covering the almost infinitely talked about, quoted and re-quoted studies at Google. What should we really take away?

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