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  • Apache Netbeans 12.2 Supports Java 14 and 15

    Apache NetBeans release 12.2 offers, among others, (improved) support for Java 14 and 15. NetBeans features such as code coloring, code formatting, and auto-completion now support new Java language features like records and keywords such as sealed, non-sealed, and permits.

  • Perspectives on the Conclusion of the Oracle - Sun Acquisition

    After almost nine months of speculation and delay, Oracle has got the green light from EU which has lead to the completion of Sun’s acquisition. The announcement was followed by an all-day event were Oracle presented its future plans for the Sun technologies and platforms.

  • Roman Strobl on Enhanced JEE Support in Netbeans 5.5

    Version 5.5 of the Netbeans IDE was released over the weekend with enhanced JEE5 support. New releases of the Mobility (for JME) and Visual Web (Ajax and JavaServer Faces) packs are also available. InfoQ sat down with Netbeans evangelist Roman Strobl to discuss the release.

  • A Comparative Look at Eclipse RCP and Netbeans Platform

    Eclipse RCP has been in the news lately due to increased adoption numbers and the growing use of OSGi. The RCP framework provides a jumpstart to developers looking at writing modular rich client applications. Many developers are unaware that the Netbeans IDE also includes a framework to develop such applications called Netbeans Platform.