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  • Article: An Introduction to NetKernel

    Last month the NetKernel project released version 3.3 which added an Optimized HTTP Transport Layer, Enhanced Dynamic Language Support, and Reorganized/Re-written Documentation. The documentation enhancements were "to make the concepts of resource-oriented computing easier for adopters". Continuing with that theme InfoQ is proud to present a new article, An Introduction to NetKernel.

  • NetKernel 3.3 Released Including Enhanced Dynamic Language Support

    After eight months, 1060 Research, Ltd. has released the newest version of their NetKernel product, version 3.3. New features in this release include enhanced dynamic language support and an optimized HTTP transport layer.

  • NetKernel 3.1 Released with Ruby and JSON Support

    1060 Research released NetKernel 3.1 last week. NetKernel is a resource-oriented software development and execution environment. It allows the integration of services written in a variety of languages (including Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, XSL and others) through the use of URIs. New features in NetKernel 3.1 include Ruby support, JSON as a native resource type, and updated documentation.