InfoQ Homepage News Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Werner Vogels to speak at QCon London

Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Werner Vogels to speak at QCon London

Since our last announcement, the QCon conference, InfoQ and JAOO's new annual joint conference in London (March 12-16), has been making a lot of progress. The tracks have been defined, more speakers have committed to joining, and it's looking like QCon could become an important world-wide annual event.  

Recently, Martin Fowler,  Dave Thomas (of the Pragmatic Programmer series), and CTO Werner Vogels have committed to presenting. In addition the tracks have been defined and some of the key people in the world are presenting in each topic:

Architecture in context of quality attributes. Quality software systems require a consideration of non-functional quality attributes such as: Performance & Scalability, Modifiability, Availability, Security, and Useability. This track explains how to effecitvely consider each in order to obtain high quality software systems. Speakers: James Coplien, Martin Fowler, Werner Vogels, Cameron Purdy.

Java Today. Java is the mainstream technology for enterprise software development and is showing little signs of slowing down. This track walks you through some of the cutting edge technologies & techniques used for building Enterprise Java apps today. Some speakers/topics: Rod Johnson, AOP in the Enterprise, Linda DeMichiel (EJB co-spec lead), Eclipse RCP/Swing,  on Spring 2 & AOP in the enterprise.

Agile Foundations. In this conference track industry veterans explain the fundamental factors and practices that make agility work for developers and their client organizations, including feedback and evaluation techniques, tools & practices that can help stabilize teams and projects. Speakers include Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland, Pragmatic Dave Thomas, XP author Joshua Kerievsky and more.

.NET Enterprise Development. In this track, we will cover the state of the art in enterprise software development using .NET including LINQ (presented by it's inventor), Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, ASP.NET, and more.

Java Tomorrow. Leading edge technologies and fresh-techniques that are being successfully applied by early adopters and represent a vision for what mainstream enterprise Java development could be like tomorrow. Speakers/topics: Gavin King/Seam, Groovy&Grails, JRuby, OSGi.

Ajax & Browser-Based Applications. Gone are the days of static web pages and simple state transitions. The browser has become an application platform. This track covers the key technologies & techiques pushing the limits of what can be done in the browser. Dave Crane on Ajax patterns. Some speakers: Google's Bruce Johnson on GWT, Dave Crane/Ajax Patterns, Flex, Prototype, etc.

What makes Ruby Roll? Ruby on Rails is the driver, but what are the fundamental ideas that  make Ruby roll? This track provides in-depth on the Ruby language, frameworks, and best practices for programming Ruby. Speakers include PragDave Thomas, Obie Fernandez, and more.

SOA: Bridging Business and Technology. SOA is a concept that covers business, organizational and technical aspects. The track focuses on the core issues at the boundary between business and provides information that is neither too high-level to be useful nor too low-level to be out of date within months. Speakers: Burton's Anne Thomas Manes, CapGemini SOA leader Steve Jones, Steve Vinoski, etc.

Investment Banking Architectures. The City of London hosts nearly 500 banks, trades a third of the worlds foreign exchange, is the world's largest derivatives centre trading. This track covers the latest technological and business trends driving change and innovation in investment banking architectures. Topics: High Performance Messaging, Real time computing, AMQP, etc.

Software Usability for software developers. The goal for this track is to make people aware of the crucial importance of the user interface in software products, the importance of good analysis of the user environment, and the use of suitable software structures to support the interface.

Registration will open next week along with the full conference site. In the meantime interested attendees can signup to be notified of new developents on the temporary conference site:
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  • Looks Promising...

    by Geoffrey Wiseman,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    So, how about a QCon Toronto? :) Not that I'm opposed to travelling, but it would be nice to have a real software convention in Toronto now and again.

  • Re: Looks Promising...

    by Floyd Marinescu,

    Your message is awaiting moderation. Thank you for participating in the discussion.

    So, how about a QCon Toronto? :) Not that I'm opposed to travelling, but it would be nice to have a real software convention in Toronto now and again.
    Geoffrey, in Canada we are all subjects of the Queen so we should see London, England no differently than Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. :)

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