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InfoQ Homepage News Announcing QCon: New conference in London, UK, March 12-16, by InfoQ and JAOO

Announcing QCon: New conference in London, UK, March 12-16, by InfoQ and JAOO

A new enterprise software development conference is starting this year in London, UK, March 12-16th 2007.  QCon, the InfoQ and JAOO conference, aims to become an annual event providing a venue for learning, networking, and tracking innovation in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile communities with additional tracks on architecture & design, Ajax, IT in Finance, and more.

QCon is a conference organized jointly by and JAOO (organizers of the 10 year running JAOO conference in Denmark). The event will feature 2 tutorial days (March 12,13th) followed by three full conference days with multiple tracks.  
In the tradition of and JAOO conferences, QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers
and will be similar to JAOO in it's commitment to quality content and a high quality attendee experience.  Past JAOO speakers included Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Martin Fowler, Eric Evans, Rod Johnson, Alistair Cockburn, David H. Hansson Dave Thomas, and others. QCon will feature a similar high quality and diverse group of speakers from the communities and topics covered on InfoQ. 

QCon's sessions are still being organized, but the tracks will include  Architecture & Design, Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, Ajax, and IT in Finance. Some of the early speakers committed include:
  • Rod Johnson - Creator, Spring
  • Jeff Sutherland - Co-creator, Scrum
  • Erik Meijer - Creator - LINQ
  • Gavin King - Creator, Hibernate, Seam
  • Anne Thomas-Manes -SOA Expert Analyst
  • Obie Fernandez - Author, Rails Dev Guide, InfoQ Ruby editor
  • Joshua Kerievsky, Author, Refactoring to Patterns, IndustrialXP
  • Linda DeMicheil - EJB spec lead
  • Alexandru Popescu - InfoQ Architect, WebWork & DWR committer
  • Scott Delap, Author, Desktop Java Live, InfoQ Java editor
  • Rich Kilmer - RubyConf organizer, Ruby Hacker
  • Floyd Marinescu - InfoQ co-founder and TSS creator
  • Graeme Rocher - Grails lead
  • Deborah Hartmann - InfoQ Agile Editor
  • AMQ  protocol creators/implementors.
A temporary conference site with more information is available at which will later be migrated to Registration has not opened yet but you can leave your email at the conference site and we will notify you when registration opens and other QCon news.

For we are extremely happy to be working with JAOO on producing this conference. JAOO is a prestigous annual event in Denmark respected worldwide. We think that QCon could become an big and important new annual conference since the UK does not have such an event, and the London location provides an easily accessible world-class location.  Join us at QCon this March!

See also past QCon/JAOO talks available online on Infoq:

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