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InfoQ Homepage News Google GWT Toolkit and Development Process Become Fully Open Source

Google GWT Toolkit and Development Process Become Fully Open Source

Today Google fully open sourced their GWT toolkit under the Apache 2.0 license. GWT 1.3 RC is the same codebase as GWT 1.2 with the only intentional change being with the license. Since GWT was announced last year at JavaOne developers have been calling for the full release of the tools behind the technology. This call has grown louder in recent months. The Google code blog details that the entire development process will now be open in nature:

... now they're taking a gigantic leap forward--not only by open-sourcing all, but their entire development process. That includes development discussions, code reviews, future milestones, and the entire codebase.

Earlier this year InfoQ covered the GWT 1.2 release which added features such as faster hosted mode and OS X support.  Google's Bruce Johnson will be speaking on GWT in March at Info's QCon Confernece in London.

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