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InfoQ Homepage News Registration now open for QCon London; 230 GBP off until Dec 20

Registration now open for QCon London; 230 GBP off until Dec 20

Registration is now open for QCon, the new annual enterprise software development conference happening March 12-16, 2007, in London, UK. Recently, Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas (of the Pragmatic Programmer series), and CTO Werner Vogels have committed to presenting, and all the conference tracks have been added. Registrants can save £230  until Dec 20.  Visit qcon at:

A conference brochure is also available (PDF):

The tracks and topics for the conference will be as follows:

.Net Enterprise Development

Agile Foundations
Teams, Tools, Organizational issues, Proj. Mgmt, Testing

Agile Experts
An open space track

Ajax & Browser-Based Applications
Dojo, Prototype, Ajax Patterns, Google GWT, Flex

Architecture in context of quality attributes
Performance & Scalability, Modfiability, Availability, Security

Investment Banking Architectures
Real time, STP, Messaging, AMQP, SEPA, MiFID, Front office

Java Today
Spring, TestNG, EJB 3, AOP, Eclipse/Swing RCP

Java Tomorrow
Seam, OSGi, JRuby, Grails

SOA: Bridging business and technology
Adoption, Governance, Rest vs. SOAP, Service Composition, Case studies

Software Usability for software developers
Analysis, Architecture, Patterns, Best practices

What makes Ruby Roll?
Ruby, Rails, DSLs, Rails Engines, Deployment

As software developers and architects ourselves, our aim is to create a conference that we ourselves would find oustanding, as attendees.  We've lined up industry-leading practioners to address the most current and valuable topics for in community, and complemented this with the best meals and amenities to let you focus on getting as much learning and networking as possible out of this one high-quality conference. 

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