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BEA SOA Cost Benefits Survey Results

BEA commissioned a study conducted by GCR custom research on the cost benefits of SOA. The survey went out ot 151 "SOA decision makers and influencers" in North America and Europe whose companies have > $1bn in annual revenue and have at least one active SOA pilot program.  Some of the interesting statistics from the survey include:
  • 46% of companies intend to deploy 1-50 services within a year, 24% 51-100, and 15% 101-200 services
  • 75% of companies expected 11-40% reuse, 54% expected 21-40% reuse
  • 39% said that justifying SOA is impeding the start or extension of SOA projects, and of those, securing funding and lack of confidence in a big enough ROI were cited as reasons
  • IT cost savings was primary driver for European firms, whereas North American firms primarily listed business agility / time to market
  • Almost half of the surveyed organizations had spent over $1M in SOA
  • 40% of the costs listed to justify SOA were for allocated for service infrastructure
  • ESB was listed as the highest spend:

A summary of the report is available from BEA (registration required).

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