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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Project Management Tool TargetProcess 2.0 Released

Agile Project Management Tool TargetProcess 2.0 Released

TargetProcess has released version 2.0 of their agile project management tool, which includes a variety of new features, including a customizable workflows, time tracking, simple search, and release planning with user stories.    Commenting on how the tool fits into an Agile project, TargetProcess team lead Michael Dubakov told InfoQ:
TargetProcess provides an integrated solution that combines several features like time tracking, bug tracking and requirements management, so teams that use several tools can replace all of them with one tool. It also facilitates the use of agile development in distributed teams. TargetProcess doesn't replace agile tools like white boards and story cards, but rather supplements them by providing such features as real time reports, requirements management and historical data for better progress tracking and project visibility.

Release Planning View

Interested parties can take a test drive online (free registration required), or else browse a documented set of usage patterns, which explain the ways in which various members of an agile team would use the tool.   Asked about limitations of the tool, Michael commented:
The current version doesn't have integrated test case management, nor does it have import/export functionality. These features will be added into version 2.1, which will be released next month.
Michael also mentioned that TargetProcess are themselves also using their own tool to track their own software development lifecycle.

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