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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Distributed Caching Essential Lessons

Presentation: Distributed Caching Essential Lessons

Cameron Purdy presents on improving performance and scalability of applications through the use of caching to reduce load on the database teir and & clustered caching to  provide transparent- fail-over by reliably sharing live data among clustered JVMs.

Watch Distributed Caching Essential Lessons (50:51 min)

The talk was recorded by InfoQ at Javapolis 2005.  Cameron also spends a good amount of time explaining how to reduce DB load via caching strategies that apply in any caching application such as read & write-through caching, asynchronous write-behind, and others.  The talk is a must-watch to understand caching theory that works in practice.  Cameron will also be presenting on Performance and Scalablity in the Architecture Quality Attributes track at QCon, London March 14-16.

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