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InfoQ Homepage News Groovy Eclipse Plugin Updated Including Basic Code Completion

Groovy Eclipse Plugin Updated Including Basic Code Completion

The Groovy Eclipse plugin has been updated to make use of Groovy 1.0 and includes basic code completion among its features. Among the features in this release:

  • Run as Groovy now only shows up on Groovy files that are executable instead of all Groovy files
  • Run as Junit is now available for Groovy unit tests, which will display the standard Eclipse Junit view. Run as Groovy for Junit tests will still display inthe console view.
  • Run as Groovy and Run as JUnit now create Groovy Launch configurations, which will also show up in the Launch history. This enables the run last launched toolbar button to work.
  • Alt-Shift-X-G runs a Groovy file, also creating a Launch Configuration
  • Alt-Shift-X-D starts the debugger, also creating a Launch Configuration
  • Popup menu on Projects now has options to launch the Groovy Console in a separate window or the Groovy console in the standard Eclipse console. Both are launched with the project classpath.
  • Limited code assist, for methods and variables defined in the same file and Default Groovy Methods
  • Going forward, plugin updates should be picked up automatically with "Search for updates..." instead of "Search for new features"

EclipseZone recently ran an article detailing getting started with Groovy and Eclipse.

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