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InfoQ Homepage News JSR 291 (OSGi) passes Public Review ballot

JSR 291 (OSGi) passes Public Review ballot

JSR 291 (OSGi 4.1) has passed its Public Review ballot. There were two no votes, by Sun and Hani Suleiman, both arguing that that the expert group merely pointed to the OSGi spec, rather than working to define what was needed.

The ballot was 9 "yes" votes, 2 "no" votes, 4 non-votes and 1 abstention.  Sun points out in their comment that they believe that there is technical merit in the OSGi work and say that it is being included in JSR 277. Unfortunately, the Expert Group for JSR 277 have been rather quiet, with Stanley Ho, the spec lead, not commenting on his blog about it since early November.

Alex notes Apache's comment about the OSGi licensing and hopes it will improve through this process.

InfoQ covered the public review of JSR 291 last month.

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