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InfoQ Homepage News Four Ways to Ajax Enable a Java EE Application

Four Ways to Ajax Enable a Java EE Application

Sun's Developer Network posted a series of four articles late last year on different ways to add Ajax to a Java EE application. Each article covers a different way of adding in Ajax, including do-it-yourself, using Dojo, JSF components, and JSF phase listeners.

Artima has a nice write-up of the series. All of the articles use NetBeans and GlassFish and walk through all of the steps of each technique. These articles build off of the Ajax Design Strategies article Sun posted in October.

The techniques covered are:

  1. Setting up the NetBeans project and deploying the application on GlassFish. It then goes on to show how to generate the XMLHttpRequest object and how to respond to it via a servlet.
  2. Dojo and the advantages of having it handle events for you as well as browser differences. While the article does not make use of many of Dojo's features, they are noted.
  3. Using a JSF component
  4. JSF phase listeners and their pros and cons as opposed to a straight JSF component.

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