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Tattling on the Ruby Community

Recently Jim Weirich, Bruce Williams, and Chad Fowler were chatting about how to improve the RubyGems platform-specific behavior, and realized that it would be really helpful to have more information about the install footprint of the Ruby community at large. That information is now available, thanks to an unusual RubyGem named Tattle.

According to Eric Hodel, the information collected will help speed delivery of the most-requested RubyGems feature, the install --platform option.

Tattle functions as a census tool. Install it by typing sudo gem install tattle and then run it by its command, tattle. It will send a report back to a server containing basic platform information about your workstation and the versions of Ruby components installed on it. Running tattle report dumps the contents of the report to the console so you can verify it contains no personal information.

Unsurprisingly, given Rails enthusiasts penchant for Macs, that platform is way in the lead, representing 44% of reported Ruby installations. Linux and Windows follow behind with 32% and 20%, respectively.

Tattle Summary

Full detailed results of the tally are available at

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