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InfoQ Homepage News Should You Bulk Convert from MS Office Binary to OpenXML?

Should You Bulk Convert from MS Office Binary to OpenXML?

Microsoft has released a new tool for bulk converting MS Office files from the older binary format to the Office 2007 format OpenXML. The question is, should you use it?

The tool, called the 2007 Microsoft Office System Migration Guidance: Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager, is now available from Microsoft.

Some companies may choose to bulk migrate to OpenXML so that they have the confidence that comes from using an open standard rather than the older proprietary format. It should also reduce the duration of the chaotic period where a companies internal documentation is split between multiple formats.

Other companies may choose to stay with the binary format because, despite is proprietary nature, it is widely supported by both Microsoft and non- Microsoft tools including OpenOffice and WordPerfect. Also, a bulk conversion requires the entire company to upgrade to Office 2007 all at once, a boon to Microsoft and the bane of IT departments worldwide.

Not offered by Microsoft is a way to bulk convert to the other new international standard, ODF.

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