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InfoQ Homepage News Deep Support for Oracle in Visual Studio

Deep Support for Oracle in Visual Studio

Visual Studio has had some support for SQL Server for quite some time, but that does not help the developers who are targeting Oracle. Fortunately Oracle has taken steps to address this by releasing Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET.

Oracle promises seamless support for PL/SQL debugging, with the ability to "step from your .NET code into your PL/SQL stored procedure code and back out again."

Oracle also included a set of tools for managing Oracle databases from inside Visual Studio. Compared to the clumsy tools that ship with Oracle itself, these tools are quite impressive. But can it give Toad a run for its money?

The PL/SQL editor has full Intellisense support, something that Microsoft was not able to provide in its own SQL Server Management Studio. Being a professional grade add-in for Visual Studio, Oracle even thought to integrate their Help into the Microsoft Document Explorer.

One question remains, "When can expect deep DB2 and MySQL support for Visual Studio?"

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