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MS MVP Richard Hale Shaw on C#

Richard Hale Shaw has been mentoring developers for over 15 years and has the distinction of being a Microsoft MVP on C#.  In this interview Richard discusses advancements in C# from 2.0 to 3.0.  He specializes in consulting and training on .NET programming in C# and Managed C++. Richard is a member of the INETA speaker's bureau. He's been recognized by Microsoft as a C# MVP since 2004. 

Richard provides insight into usage of Generics,  Custom Iterators, and Anonymous Methods.   On an exciting capability in C# 3.0 referred to as extentsion methods, Richard had this to say:  

The value of an extension method in C Sharp 3.0 is that I can take that library method and define it as an extension method so that I can use it as if it were a part of that collection class. In fact I can define so that what it takes anybody that implements it as I (of T) and consequently be able to pass in any number of different collection types.

Join David Totzke as he interviews Richard Hale Shaw.

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