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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Article: Introduction to ActiveMessaging

InfoQ Article: Introduction to ActiveMessaging

Andrew Kuklewicz, the maintainer of the ActiveMessaging (also called a13g for short) project gives a comprehensive and informative introduction to his open-source framework, which enables enterprise messaging technologies to be easily integrated with Ruby on Rails applications. ActiveMessaging is getting support from noted industry leaders such as James Strachan and Jon Tirsen.

ActiveMessaging is especially interesting to Rails developers in the enterprise, because through its support for Stomp and StompConnect it allows easy interoperability with Apache's ActiveMQ messaging server and any other enterprise messaging server that supports JMS.

Our easy-to-follow introductory article assumes basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails and messaging concepts, and has code samples and all the instructions you need to get started using ActiveMessaging.

Read InfoQ's Introduction to ActiveMessaging today.

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