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InfoQ Homepage News Java Module System (JSR 277) Presentation from Spec Lead Stanley Ho

Java Module System (JSR 277) Presentation from Spec Lead Stanley Ho

The BeJUG website recently released a presentation on JSR 277  the Java Module System. InfoQ has covered JSR 277, the related JSR 294, and the similar OSGi in the past.  The presentation covers the driving forces for JSR 277 such as classpath and jar hell. It also covers how the module system will be implemented with code examples of JSR 294 super packages and how they will work with JSR 277. The presentation then goes on to detail how Java modules will be defined and how classes are exported for use by other modules. It then shifts to cover repositories in JSR 277 which are a mechanism for storing, discovering and retrieving modules. Repositories allow the storing of multiple module versions unlike the JAR's of today.  While the early draft is ready for review, the JSR team is still exploring many topics such as submodules, internationalization, monitoring and management.  The online presentation also includes over five minutes of QA time after the presentation.

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