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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Walt Ritscher at VSLive

Interview: Walt Ritscher at VSLive

InfoQ sat down with Walt Ritscher at VSLive Toronto to talk about WPF, Web 2.0, and Microsoft code naming conventions.  See why Walt doesn't usually like the names Microsoft uses for shipping products, he lists his favorites and most despised.

Walt prophecies where he thinks WPF excels and who will build the killer apps in WPF the user interface technology shipping with Windows Vista and the .NET Framework 3.0.  Included is a quick history on both ActiveX and AJAX.  These technologies have been around for a long time, Walt provides advice on where to use it and why it took 7 years to become relevant. 

Walt also shares his new favorite Windows technology, Windows PowerShell.

Enjoy David Totzke interviewing Walt Ritscher.

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