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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Simplifying Enterprise Development with Groovy

Presentation: Simplifying Enterprise Development with Groovy

In this presentation, Guillaume Laforge, Groovy project manager, teaches how scripting with Groovy can increase your productivity and help you build and test solutions faster on the Java platform. Topics include Groovy the language, Ant builder, XML support, Swing support, Groovy's Meta Object Protocol, and more.

Watch:  Simplifying Enterprise Development with Groovy (34:55 min)

Guillaume Laforge is Groovy PM and spec lead of JSR-241; he is also co-authoring Manning's "Groovy in Action" with Dierk König, one of the passionate Groovy developers. In his professional life, Guillaume is a software architect and Open Source consultant, working for OCTO Technology, a French consultancy focusing on architecture of software and information systems.

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