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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London next week - Registration Still Open, Day Passes Available

QCon London next week - Registration Still Open, Day Passes Available

QCon is next week and over 500 people are registered to attend. It's not too late to register!  For those who can't make it to the full 3 day conference, there are a few ways you can get a more limited taste of the conference:

  • We are now offering a 1 day conference passes for 500 GBP. To register for 1 day, email with the day and your contact / invoicing information.
  • One day passes for our tutorials have always been available & many of our tutorials are still open for registration at 350 GBP a day. 

Registration is still open for the full 3-day conference at 1180 GBP with group discounts available (send inquiries to

Qcon will feature 2 days of tutorials and three full conferences days with over 70 sessions presented by over 50 speakers including Martin Fowler, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, Dave Thomas (Pragmatic Programmers), Hibernate Creator Gavin King, Spring creator Rod Johnson, LINQ creator Erik Meijer, and more. QCon aims to become a major annual event providing a venue for learning, networking, and tracking innovation.

The tracks and topics are as follows:
Agile Foundations
Team building, Scrum@Google, User Stories & Release plans, Retrospectives
Agile Journey to Mastery Open Space
Open Space + sessions: Org. challenges, Quality management, Mock roles, Expertise
Ajax & Browser-Based Applications
Dojo, Prototype, Ajax Patterns, Google GWT, Flex
Architecture in context of quality attributes
Performance & Scalability, Modfiability, Availability, Security, Manageability
Investment Banking Architectures
Real time, STP, Messaging, AMQP, SEPA, MiFID, Front office
Java in Action
Spring, TestNG, EJB 3, AOP, Eclipse/Swing RCP
Java Emerging Technologies
Seam, OSGi, JRuby, Grails, JVM Clustering

.Net Enterprise Development
SOA: Bridging business and technology
Adoption, Governance, Rest vs. SOAP, Service Composition, Case studies
Software Usability for software developers

Analysis, Architecture, Patterns, Best practices
What makes Ruby Roll?
Metaprogramming, DSLs, Rails plugins, Mongrel, Rails deployment

Case studies: Architectures you've always wondered about
eBay, Yahoo!, Voca, InfoQ

Conference Tutorials
Tutorials occur March 12th and 13th are purchased separately from the 3 day conference:

 - Certified Scrum Master Class, with Jeff Sutherland
 - Test Driven Development, with Martin Fowler and Erik Doernenburg
 - Domain Specific Languages in Groovy, with Guilluame Laforge and John Wilson
 - Hands-on Agile Development Workshop, with Kevlin Henney
 - Introduction to the EJB 3.0 Java Persistence API, EJB co-spec lead Mike Keith
 - Agile Leadership: Moving from Management that Controls to Management that Facilitates, Diana Larsen
 - Ajax-enable your Java application with DWR, Joe Walker
 - Usage-Centered Software Design: An Activity-Based Approach, Larry Constantine
 - What can JMX do for you? Simon Brown

Keynotes currently include:
 - Martin Fowler and Dan North
 - The Platform, by CTO Werner Vogels
 - Revolutionizing the cloud - Microsoft's LINQ inventor Eric Meijer unveils his latest research
Usage Centered Design, by Larry Constantine

QCon is being organized jointly by and JAOO, a prestigious 10 year-running enterprise software conference from Denmark. In the tradition of and JAOO conferences, QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers and will be similar to JAOO in it's commitment to quality content and a high quality attendee experience.

And yes, QCon will eventually have a US-based show as well, if you're interested in this email floyd at

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