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InfoQ China Unlaunches

InfoQ's mission is to be the world's source for tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community.  To maximize the positive impact of all the content we are putting out, InfoQ is extending to serve communities where English is a strong barrier, starting with China, and in a few months Japan, and possibly Brasil by the end of the year.

Last week InfoQ "un-launched" InfoQ China ( We are 'unlaunching' it much like we did InfoQ - it is operating with daily news and weekly content, but not all content types are supported yet, and we are waiting to get more organized before we declare it 'launched'.
InfoQ China will feature translations of most of news (within a day), articles, and books; it will have its own calendar for videos of local experts (and eventually subtitled translations of some of the best ones from; and most importantly, it will be also have its own news reporting on local enterprise software development events and cool things for the Chinese audience, building and connecting local community in China like InfoQ does for the rest of the world.
InfoQ China has its own personalized RSS feed system (grabbing the feed from automatically only has news from, and also their own thread commenting system - the same news posts in both languages have independent discussion threads and will not interfere with each other. All of InfoQ's Ajax goodness works on InfoQ China as well.

For InfoQ's non-Chinese readers, you will not even know InfoQ China exists (other than those two Chinese characters in the top right corner) - it was our objective that the different language versions of InfoQ have a clear separation of concerns, so that InfoQ China's audience can be best served at and readers will not see non-english anywhere.

We have short term plans to launch InfoQ Japan and medium-long hopes to launch InfoQ Brasil. We hope to soon be translating great content (and perhaps even discussion forum opinons) from those internationalized editions back into english, enabling InfoQ to further facilitate cross-polination of ideas and knowledge.

Many have asked why China, and what about other regions? While we would like to have InfoQ-Everywhere, due to limited resources (InfoQ is not even a year old) we decided to start where we saw the greatest existing or emerging opportunities, which pointed to China, Japan, and Brasil.  We could extend to other regions quicker if we had partner organizations there willing to help, any interested groups can email me (see the about page).

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