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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: WebWork (Struts 2) In Action

Presentation: WebWork (Struts 2) In Action

Patrick Lightbody overviews WebWork and the Struts merger, comparing to other web frameworks and explaining how to achieve rapid development with WebWork/Struts 2.

Watch WebWork (Struts 2) In Action (48:28 min)

The presentation was recorded last year as the merger was well underway.  Since then, Struts 2 (WebWork) was released at the end of February, and the WebWork project released it's final version 2.2.5 a couple of weeks ago. The WebWork team wanted to do a big effort to bring in as many optimizations and bug fixes into the last release of WebWork as possible before shifting focus entirely to Struts 2.  See also InfoQ's Struts content.

Patrick Lightbody is one one of the leads on the WebWork project and leads product management for QA solutions at Gomez Inc. Prior to joining Gomez, Lightbody launched Autoriginate, the creator of a hosted QA solution, and managed the professional services team at collaboration software provider Jive Software. Lightbody also serves as the CEO and Chairman of OpenSymphony Group. 

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