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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft's Roadmap through 2020 to Focus on the Scientific Sector

Microsoft's Roadmap through 2020 to Focus on the Scientific Sector

Microsoft has always put the needs of business customers and home users first. There is another sector that relies on computers, one that has been neglected for decades: the scientific community.

Between now and 2020 Microsoft is planning to ramp up its support for the scientific community. Some of the key milestones from their roadmap include…

  • Expanding use of COTS (customised off the shelf) software / technology: moving away from ‘build your own’ in science
  • Move towards program execution for scientific applications hosted in database (taking the application to the data, rather than the data to the application)
  • Data ‘behind’ scientific papers available in machine readable formats
  • Symbolic computation integrated into scientific databases and programming languages.
  • Development of equivalent of ‘Office’ for Scientists – Integrated suite of easy to use, standardised, well maintained applications spanning mathematical libraries, algorithms, data management, scientific paper writing, visualisation and theoretical tools (e.g. symbolic maths) that work together well.
  • Broadly available domain-specific computational frameworks, components, reference architectures

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