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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: NET Windows Forms Tips and Tricks

Presentation: NET Windows Forms Tips and Tricks

Ken Getz demonstrates several different techniques you can use when building Windows applications (recorded at DevLink), including: Creating owner-drawn controls, binding controls to just about anything, exposing protected information with inheritance, exposing new control behavior using inheritance, handling thread synchronization with Windows forms, and creating your own property grid. Samples are provided in both C# and VB.NET.

Watch .NET Windows Forms Tips and Tricks.(54 min)

Display Controls your own Way

  • Use GDI+ to handle painting yourself
  • For ListBox/ComboBox set the DrawMode property
  • Use Data to Control UI
  • Data binding infrastructure can bind almost any property to any value
  • Notifications based on property change events
  • Expose Protected Info
  • Most functionality of WinForm Controls are protected
  • To use protected info, inherit from control and expose
  • Improve the Look and Feel of Your application
  • Integrate Windows XP and Windows Vista themes

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