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InfoQ Homepage News IronRuby Release Planned for OSCON

IronRuby Release Planned for OSCON

Ruby is a dynamic programming language from Japan that dates back to the mid 90's. With the addition of the Rails framework, it has rapidly gained popularity among database-driven web developers. Versions of the runtime include JRuby for the JVM and Rubinius for Smalltalk.

In order to support Ruby on the .NET platform, a new layer called the DLR or Dynamic Language Runtime had to be built. This layer supports the sharing of objects between several dynamic programming languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Visual Basic 10. Prior to the DLR, dynamic languages targeting .NET each had to build their own dynamic layer, which led to incompatibilities between the languages.

According to John Lam, IronRuby, Microsoft's implement of the Ruby interpreter, is scheduled to be publically available at the OSCON Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon. This annual event takes place from July 24 to July 28. 

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