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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Rod Smith - Mash-ups Meet the Enterprise

Presentation: Rod Smith - Mash-ups Meet the Enterprise

In this presentation recorded at JAOO, IBM's Rod Smith discusses how technologies such as Wikis are combined with Web services and Atom and RSS feeds to form mashups, enabling the next wave of DIY-IT by combining the flexibility of user-oriented information architecture provided by active content with that of content-in-flight to provide an easy-to-use end-user integration platform.

Topics covered include IBM's customers' take on Ajax, blogs, syndication and the "programmable web", and the degree to which these Web 2.0 technologies can and should be adapted for enterprise scenarios.

Rodney is a Distinguished Engineer and the VP of Emerging Internet Technology at IBM, responsible for leading technological innovation in the Internet software space and guiding it into industry standard specifications. He advises on investment and partnering opportunities and is the lead negotiator and technical strategist in negotiations with numerous companies in the technology arena.

Watch the full presentation (28 minutes).

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