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InfoQ Homepage News IBM Updates Architect Content/Info Kit

IBM Updates Architect Content/Info Kit

IBM recently updated their "Software Architect Kit", a bundle of content for architects including podcasts by Grady Booch on trends, patterns and best practices in architecture, webcasts, demos, and whitepapers on patterns-based development, SOA, model-driven architecture, and software structure & modularity.   The kit requires registration before all the content can be downloaded.  The full content of the kit includes:
Grady Booch podcast series:
  • Current trends in software architecture
  • The role of the architect
  • Architectural styles and patterns
  • The future of software architecture


  • Scaling the business of global architecture and design: Explore new capabilities in Rational Software Architect, V7

White paper:

  • Introduction to modeling


  • Browse and topic diagram creation
  • Static sequence diagram creation
  • Architectural discovery diagrams
  • Structural analysis
  • Code review
  • J2EE development using UML transformations

developerWorks articles and other resources:

  • Good modeling, good governance
  • An introduction to architecture management
  • Evolution of developer skills is essential for job survival
  • UML in support of model-driven development (MDD)
  • An introduction to Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Gain an edge in patterns-based development using Rational Software Architect

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