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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Releases eScrum 1.0 TFS-based Project Management Tool

Microsoft Releases eScrum 1.0 TFS-based Project Management Tool

Microsoft yesterday released eSCRUM 1.0:
eScrum is a Web-based, end-to-end project management tool for Scrum built on the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server platform. It provides multiple ways to interact with your Scrum project: eScrum Web-based UI, Team Explorer, and Excel or Project, via Team Foundation Office Integration. In addition, it provides a single place for all Scrum artifacts such as product backlog, sprint backlog, task management, retrospective, and reports with built-in context sensitive help.
It would be interesting to see how well this tool will be accepted considering the previous attempts Microsoft made at releasing Agile stuff didn't go well, such as the Test Driven Development guidelines fiasco from 2005.

eSCRUM is not the first tool available for doing SCRUM using Microsoft's Team-system. Conchango released Scrum for Team System quite a few months ago (with version 1.2 released back in March) which works very well and was developed with Scrum Alliance & Microsoft involvement.

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