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InfoQ Homepage News Event Driven Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture

Event Driven Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture

David Luckham, one of the fathers of complex event processing, just published part 2 of "SOA, EDA, BPM and CEP are all complementary" (you can read part 1 as well). In these articles David argues that
(1) the fusion of SOA and EDA into ED-SOA (event-driven, service oriented architecture) is the way of the future,
(2) building processes is greatly facilitated by ED-SOAs,
(3) conversely ED-SOAs can be constructed as layered architectures using BPM systems.
(4) CEP principles must become an integral component of both ED-SOAs and business processes because of the ever increasing quest for control of our business processes, real time autonomous operation, and the need to gather business intelligence from the events flowing through our IT systems.
David is not alone in the claim that EDA and SOA should work together. For instance Jack Van Hoof has a whole blog dedicated to the subject, Brenda Michelson blogged about it more than a year ago and Oracle has been trying to dub this SOA 2.0 etc.

However, this seems to be the first article that tries to tie Business  Process management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) into the mix.

It should be noted that both REST and WS-* web services are commonly constructed with request/reply in mind. Making the shift to EDA which is based on Publish/Consume is not simple - especially for SOA initiatives which are already underway. It would be interesting to see how adoption of EDA on top of SOA would evolved.

InfoQ published an article on BI & SOA demonstrating it as well.

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