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InfoQ Homepage News Cecil and Reflexil Make Assembly Patching Easy

Cecil and Reflexil Make Assembly Patching Easy


Cecil, written by Jb Evain, is a strategic library for the Mono project. It provides introspection capabilities for a variety of projects including the Mono Debugger, the code inspection tool Gendarme, and MoMA, the Mono Migration Analyzer.

Cecil also has the ability to manipulate compiled CIL and save the modified assemblies to disk. Sébastien has leveraged these capabilities by creating an assembly editor called Reflexil. Reflexil runs a plug-in for Lutz Roeder's Reflector, a tool which is fast becoming a cornerstone for .NET developers.

Though still in the early stages, Reflexil is functional and can be downloaded in both source code and binary format. And in case you are wondering, the source code is in English. 

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