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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Launches Architecture Community

InfoQ Launches Architecture Community

InfoQ has launched a 6th community on 'Architecture', the intention of which is to serve as a source for tracking change and innovation of interest to those with an architecting/design role but not specific to any of our other communities on InfoQ which currently include Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, and Agile. 

Each of  InfoQ's communities are backed by a dedicated in-the-field domain expert-editor team with specific goals to deliver new and consistent content for their peers. For InfoQ's architecture community a great team of 6 more people in architectural, CTO, technical strategy roles have joined our existing team of 20 community editors including Sadek Drobi, Johan Strandler, Gavin Terrill, Greg Young,  Niclas Nilsson, & Mark Figley, as well as current editors Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz & Stefan Tilkov also contributing.  The launch of the architecture community will mean daily regular new articles, news,  interviews & presentations for architects  in addition to the current level of content InfoQ is releasing. 

Since InfoQ has also been sporadicaly been covering such higher level topics in the past, we have retagged past content that properly belong in this community   into our architecture community, some of which include:
The initial name proposed forth for this community was simply 'Architects' in order to identify that content in this queue would be stuff of interest to those whose roles include (but are not limited to) design and technical strategy; however, this prompted a fierce debate due to the negative baggage associated with the name such as the dreaded non-coding architect, which many believe are becoming obsolete due in part due to the success of Agile which espouses software generalists.  Unfortunately there wasn't a succinct enough term we could use to describe the content of this new community, although one which comes closest is Architectus Oryzus, coined casuallly by Martin Fowler and some ThoughtWorkers. After much discusssion and votes we settled on 'architecture', which is not perfect but close enough to make sense.

The new community will be turned on by default in everyone's personalized profile and RSS feed. 

We at InfoQ sincerely hope you enjoy this new service, and if you are so passionate feel free to email me to join the architecture or any other community team on InfoQ, we're always looking for more good people. Or a more casual way to participate is simply to send us story ideas via the 'contribute news post' button at the top of this page.

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