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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Cluster your JVM to simplify application architecture

Presentation: Cluster your JVM to simplify application architecture

OpenTerracotta is an open-source, highly scalable, JVM-level clustering solution. As well as being a drop-in replacement for Tomcat Clustering, it can transparently cluster POJOs and Spring beans. This presentation, recorded at QCon London, will introduces the concept of runtime clustering with OpenTerracotta while going into an in-depth case study of a small mobile application built using Terracotta clustering.

Watch  Cluster uour JVM to simplify application architecture  (55min).

Ari Zilka is presenting, who is Terracotta's CTO and co-founder. Previously, Ari was Chief Architect at

The presentation starts explaining the benefits of clustering the runtime transparently, which allows developers to write java application as if they were local using normal data structures and concurrenty semantics and have those work as expected in a clustered fashion with no code changes. Object identity is preserved and and heavy java serialization is avoided. Some of the capabilities presented:
  • Heap Level Replication - share almost any object graph
  • ACID Replication - no new exceptions or error scenarios
  • Central storage - keeps app state across restarts
  • Comm. Hub - manage shared object comms w/o multicast or split brain
  • Virtual Memory - page in objects on demand
  • Coordination - We have extended our support to wait / notify and other useful tools
Terracotta is also sponsoring the Clustering & Caching topic here on InfoQ this month, check it out.

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