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InfoQ Homepage News InfoQ Announces AgileEvents, a Free International Events Calendar

InfoQ Announces AgileEvents, a Free International Events Calendar

Agilists are more likely to gather in a pub or cafe to exchange ideas, than to write a formal paper. As a result, the number of small local gatherings held within the international Agile community is staggering - and impossible for a single news site to cover adequately. Therefore, we propose a new resource: the AgileEvents calendar, where service providers and practitioners can search for local or international events - and add their own.

The calendar exists in, a platform with free registration, and which is easy to use. This platform offers readers a number of useful features:
  • click through from InfoQ to UpComing and search by location, for local or regional events!
  • tagging to help find events by topic, since agilists have been known to cross continents and oceans to attend or contribute to small, specialized events.
  • add the RSS feed to your blog aggregator
  • create a code snippet to put this calendar, or your own event calendar, on your website
  • import to your own calendar in iCal format
Further details on these features are on the calendar site.

Events posted on AgileEvents may be commercial, non-profit, small, large, private or public. However, they must provide value to attendees: meetups, classes, conferences, lectures, user groups, etc. The calendar is, at present, unmoderated, but pure marketing events or events not particularly useful for practitioners of Agile methodologies will be removed.

The resulting calendar is also displayed on the InfoQ Agile homepage. We look forward to seeing what everyone is doing!

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