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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Rod Johnson on Spring 2.0 and Beyond

Presentation: Rod Johnson on Spring 2.0 and Beyond

In this session, recorded at QCon London this past March, Spring Creator Rod Johnson explains a number of the important enhancements and new features in Spring 2, including:
•    XML extensibility features, allowing "custom tags" to extend the capabilities of Spring configuration
•    Significant enhancements in the Spring AOP framework, making the powerful AspectJ pointcut expression language available in the Spring runtime
•    First-class support for dynamic languages such as Groovy and JRuby, as the Spring component model becomes cross-language
•    Integration with the new Java Persistence API standard for O/R mapping

Watch Spring 2.0 and Beyond (60 min)

Rod will also explain how Spring 2.0 is not merely an end in itself, but a launchpad for further innovation, giving you an insight into the roadmap and plans for 2007.  See also InfoQ's past coverage of Spring for interviews and news about what's in Spring 2.0.

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