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InfoQ Homepage News AgileEvents: What's Coming Up Near You?

AgileEvents: What's Coming Up Near You?

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AgileEvents is the international Agile community event calendar managed by Here are the upcoming events of potential interest to members Agile community, as of September 1st. It's a big list, and growing... visit to narrow your search by city, country, continent or using tags.

Date Event Name Metropolis
Sep 05 Seminar on Agile development of embedded... Suur-Helsinki
Sep 08 Agile workshop, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Sep 12 Brighton Coding Dojo Brighton & Hove
Sep 12 Brighton Agile Forum Brighton & Hove
Sep 19+ Scrum Master Training (Toronto) Self-Promotion Ajax, Ontario, Canad...
Sep 22 Agile workshop, Indore Indore
Sep 24+ JAOO Conference 2007 Aarhus
Oct 02+ Agile Business Conference 2007 London
Oct 04+ Agile Chennai 2007 Chennai
Oct 09 3rd Ukrainian Agile Gathering Self-Promotion Kyiv
Oct 13 XP Day Manhattan 2007: Rediscovering Sus... Self-Promotion New York City
Oct 19+ CITCON Europe 2007 in Brussels Self-Promotion Brussels
Oct 22+ Agile Open California - Sustainable Agil... Self-Promotion San Francisco
Nov 12+ Scrumgathering London 2007 London
Nov 19+ XPDay 2007 Self-Promotion London
Nov 23 German XpDays 2007 Karlsruhe
Dec 03+ First Agile Development Practices Confer... Orlando
Dec 11+ Secrets of Agile Teamwork: Beyond Techni... Self-Promotion Portland
Aug 04+
Agile 2008 Self-Promotion Toronto

You can daily view the next few upcoming items on InfoQ's Agile homepage and follow the links to for the complete list, with details of each event.  And, you can add your own events! Both non-profit and commercial events are welcome. If you include your venue, UpComing even gives readers a map to your event!

There are some other interesting extras, too:

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