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InfoQ Homepage News Castle Project 1.0 RC3 is Out

Castle Project 1.0 RC3 is Out

The much anticipated Castle Project 1.0 RC3 is finally here after almost a year in development.  The announcement came on the Castle Project web site and gives developers many new features and enhancements for the MVC framework designed for developing .NET 2.0 web applications.

InfoQ recently interviewed Hamilton Verissimo, the project founder, leading up to this release.  The last release of the project came in November of 2006 with their RC2, much has changed since then with almost a year full of changes. 

Updates include:

  • Multiple database support without the need to extend ARBase
  • Refactored validation support to use the new Castle Validation
  • InPlaceConfigurationSource.Build()
  • Added HqlNamedQuery
  • Lots of bug fixes

  • The RC3 is the first to include DynamicProxy 2 which has support for generics
  • Much faster than version 1
  • Support for generic collections
  • Changed to use DynamicProxy 2
  • Added some sugar to IKernel and IWindsorContainer add/resolve methods
  • Child container support was improved, but still need some review - you’ve been warned
  • Added a simplistic eval support, you can do on your config
  • Both DefaultKernel and WindsorContainer now implement IServiceProvider
  • Added Cache support (see the new Cache attribute)
  • Added IsPost/IsGet/IsPut/IsHead to Controller
  • Added Auto Form Validation
  • FormHelper is nearly perfection, still missing support for selects with multiple enabled
  • Support to register several view engines at once (bye composite view engine) - this is not as good as I’d like it to be. There’s no co-op among them..
  • Added handful of view components
  • Added support to test controllers, viewcomponents, wizard steps without the need to bring the ASP.Net to the table
  • Added JS generation support, and UpdatePage/UpdatePageTag view components
  • Format support on set operations, for example $Form.Select(”price”, [1..100], “”) is going to render the select elements with currency format
  • Added PaginationHelper.CreateCustomPage which is the most optimized way to deal with pagination
  • Added DiggStylePagination ViewComponent, based on Alex Henderson work
  • Added the following members to SmartDispatcherController (validation related) ValidationSummaryPerInstance : IDictionary, GetErrorSummary(object instance) : ErrorSummary, HasValidationError(object instance) : bool
  • Added ViewComponentDetails attribute (just like ControllerDetails)
  • Added ViewComponentParam attribute which tells MonoRail to bind the arguments as properties on your view component - reducing repetitive code rules
  • Added UrlHelper/UrlBuilder concept
  • Is out…
  • Added Castle.Validator
  • Added Castle.DictionaryAdapter - still puzzled by this one
  • Improved Binder (another re-write of its implementation)
  • Created the
  • Created the
  • Initial integration between the Castle.Services.Transaction with MS’ System.Transactions
  • Created Castle.Core

In order to find out more information about the Castle Project and its latest release, visit their web site for more information.

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