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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design

Interview: Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design

Sometimes it takes time for a great piece of work to get noticed and build momentum. Ruby for example existed for about 10 years before the Ruby on Rails project made the language take off. In the same way, the concept of Domain Driven Design seems like an idea whose time has finally come. A definitive book on the subject titled "Domain Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software" was written by Eric Evans about 4 years ago, but even though Martin Fowler was singing it's praises way back in 2003, the book and it's concepts seem to be picking up steam now. To summarize what Domain Driven Design is, Eric Evans said:

The essential thing about Domain Driven Design is that you have to care more about the business or the domain that the software is being targeted at, then you worry about the technology or whatever technique, or even the process that you are using to develop the software.

Floyd Marinescu interviewed Eric Evans for InfoQ and discussed the current state of Domain Driven Design, what it is, and the recent momentum of Domain Driven Design concepts in the developer community.

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