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The Architecture Journal Reader

Microsoft released The Architecture Journal Reader, which is a WPF reader application for The Architecture Journal.

The Architecture Journal is a magazine focused on IT-Architecture published by Microsoft. The magazine is offered in a printed and an online version, and new editions are issued quarterly. With 13 issues and over 60,000 subscribers, the Architecture Journal is a strong vehicle to drive thought leadership for and interest in Microsoft’s architectural perspective.

Simon Guest, Director in the Architecture Strategy Team at Microsoft and editor-in-chief of The Architecture Journal,  introduces the reader as

an offline, immersive, and searchable reading experience for all issues of the Journal, available in 4 languages. The Architecture Journal Reader automatically synchronizes with new content as it's released, enables annotations, includes a reading list of favorite articles, and even supports feedback on articles through a set of online forums.

The Architecture Journal Reader is now available as a beta release. It is a WPF client application that has a strong resemblence to the New York Times Reader. Both readers are based on the NewsReader SDK, which "will be released soon so that anybody could then provide a customized reader for their rss feeds".

The Architecture Journal Reader offers the following features:

  • offline reading of The Architecture Journal,
  • automatic synchronization with new content,
  • look and feel of a paper magazine, articles divided into columns,
  • abstracts of each article within a single issue,
  • adjustable font size,
  • persistable annotations and highlighting of sections,
  • reading list,
  • email links to articles,
  • search feature

The Architecture Journal Reader is a great alternative for reading The Architecture Journal. It offers a great set of features for searching the contents of all issues as well as organizing contents for later reference.

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